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"Business is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us."    ~Cavett Robert
Software Automation


Grindstone has the ability to develop customized data capturing and reporting tools as add-on solutions designed to integrate with your companies database infrastructures and provide summarized reports in a common web browser interface.  These tools are developed to standardize and simplify data capturing.

IT Management


Here at Grindstone, we come from a very strong IT-centric background. Whether your needs are online, networking/infrastructure-based, remote IT support, servers, or desktops, you can rest assured that we have skilled and certified resources that will be dedicated to you and your success. Aside from possessing the skillsets required, we are also proud Microsoft and Symantec certified partners.



eTracs™ Software


Our web based project management and accounting software, eTracs™ provides both managers and employees the ability to enter time and expenses, as well as review real-time project scheduling and budget information.  eTracs™ also has an accounting module (which can interface with Quickbooks) that allows businesses to create, manage, and track invoicing.  eTracs™ has an inventory tracking system, vacation and sick time tracking system, work order system, and employee evaluation system.



BHS Design & Commissioning


Grindstone provides Baggage Handling System (BHS) design services for the development of new or altered BHS systems.  GSG provides AutoCAD design services   field surveying, and design consultation in support of BHS design projects.  GSG is currently providing design support services for the TRIP Terminal E project at DFW airport.  

Dynamic Simulation



Our simulation solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time are based on industry knowledge. Whether it be a complex baggage handling system, a factory conveyor system, or basic assembly line strategies, Grindstone has the ability to bring your ideas to life using the latest simulation technology, software and concepts. The way we see it...there is always a solution.

3D Renderings & Animation


Grindstone can provide lifelike and to-scale Architectural and Mechanical designs, 3D rendering, and animation services.  Utilizing the latest 3D animation and drafting software, we can produce models and detailed drawings to enhance your required drawing packages and product deliverables, thereby setting you not only apart from, but one step above your competition. To view our rendering library, click here.


Client First.... Excellence Always

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